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Description: Challenge coin holders made by retired SCSO Deputy John Hurt

Each coin holder is made from ¾" Appleply, a premium quality hardwood plywood. A virtually solid hardwood core with attractive edge appearance. It  is used in furniture design, retail fixtures and architectural interiors.

The coin holders are approximately 16" from point to point, ¾" thick and have three coin shelves that will hold about 12 coins (depending on size and shape of coin). There is a keyhole slot in the back for hanging on the wall.

They are cut on a CNC machine and custom engraved with your Department name, your name and your badge number. They are sanded, stained assembled and packaged for delivery.

Custom engraved orders take about 2-3 week from time of order.

if you have questions contact: John Hurt by e-mail at jrhurt1952@att.net or call 707-292-8146

When a custom order is made please contact John Hurt at 707-292-8146 to provide the details you want on the holder.
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