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All of you should have received or will soon be receiving the new Summary Plan Description from the RMT.

If you do not receive it in the next few days, two things:

1. Below is a copy attached to this post

2. Contact The Trust Office and update your contact information using the info below:

The William C. Earhart Co. Inc
P.O. Box 4148 Portland, OR 92708
(877) 396-5868

Eddie  - DSA RMT Trustee
Attached is the RMT presentation from the 7/19/17 DSA Meeting.

As I said at the meeting, members should contact the trust office and provide them with your current contact information. There are survivor benefits for spouses and dependents if anything were to happen to you.

RMT eligible members can contact our trust representatives as shown below:

EFFECTIVE: 9/19/17

Jody K. - Account Representative
W.C. Earhart Company
PHONE: (503) 460-5268 or (877) 396-2968

Marcy Gardner is our Account Manager. She is Jody's supervisor.
PHONE: (800) 547-1314

Benefit Information for Retired Members / ATTN RETIREES - READ CLOSELY
« Last post by dennis_smiley on June, 05, 2017, 18:18:13 »

I received the attached letter from HR Saturday, I'm sure many of you did/will too.  I noticed they thought I was receiving Medicare, I'm not that old...yet.

SO, I went to HR this afternoon and pointed out the error, which they acknowledged was theirs (the good news).

BUT, I would have to make up the difference for the past 2 1/2 months, to the tune of about $1000.  The difference is $400/mo, times 2 1/2 correct their mistake (the bad news).

SO, I'd recommend you take a close look at your letter and make sure it's correct, before something worse happens, like they deny coverage or make you pay even more to cover their mistake.

OH, and by the way, Kaiser went up another $100/mo, so we got that going for us too...

Retiree Medical Trust Info (RMT) / Current RMT Documents
« Last post by joe_dulworth on December, 01, 2015, 10:10:19 »
A newer member who was not here when we started the RMT requested the attached documents be posted so here they are.

Note: These documents are modified as required by the RMT attorney's recommendation to comply with various laws and or regulations so they are subject to change.

Attached is the info for the latest amendment to the Retiree Medical Trust Fund. The info is, for the most part, self-explanatory but if you have further questions, contact the Plan's Trustees for clarification. The Trustees at the time of this writing are:

Eddie Engram
Mark Provost
Joe Dulworth

Mike Vail
After hearing some questions raised about this, I spoke with President Joe Dulworth for clarification.

The key things that everyone needs to understand about this are the following.

  • When you retire after June 2015, 50% of your accrued vacation will now be automatically transferred, tax-free, into your own medical trust account for you and only you to use for medical expenses. This is similar to the Health Reimbursement Benefits Cards we all received a couple years ago that we can use to pay medical expenses.
  • These stored funds will remain available to you until you use them up and never expire.
  • The remaining 50% of your unused vacation will be taxed and paid out to you when you retire.

I hope this answers the questions you have and thanks to Joe for his further clarification.

Mike V.
Attached is the side letter from the RMT which will go into effect for anyone who retires from the county on or after the first pay period in June 2015.

Just to be clear. Any vacation hours transfered to the RMT go in pre-tax in YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT. The money will be in addition to any other money you qualify for. The money DOES NOT go into a pooled account or for anyone else.

If you have any questions about this please contact Eddie Engram, Mark Provost, or myself.

Everyone will see these new monthly benefit amounts in future mailings from the retirement medical trust (RMT).

Former Benefit Maximum Monthly Amount: $250.00       New Monthly Amount: $325.00 (Increase of 30%)
(Group A Active employees) 

Former Benefit Maximum Monthly Amount: $30.00         New Monthly Amount: $40.00 (Increase of 33%)
(Group B Retired Prior to Sept. 2009

These numbers are considered by our actuary to be conservative and we hope to be able to increase these amounts in the future.
Retiree Medical Trust Info (RMT) / Monthly RMT Rates Set the RMT
« Last post by joe_dulworth on May, 13, 2013, 12:12:51 »
Please review the attached documents for information regarding monthly benefit rates for the Redwood Empire Public Safety Medical Trust. The rates were set at a meeting with an actuary on 05/06/13.

Group A Retiree:

Retired After Sept. 2009 with a minimum of ten years of contributions to the trust (Earliest retirement date to qualify 09/2019): Maximum benefit level $250.00 a month.

Note: 10 years of plan contributions makes you eligible for 50% of the maximum benefit level, 11 years 55%, 12 years 60%, to 100% at 20 years.

Group B Retiree:

Retired prior to Sept. 2009 (When the trust was created) and have ten years as a Law Enforcement Deputy, Sgt., Lt., Capt, or Assistant Sheriff, your benefit rate has been set at $30.00 a month.

Note: 10 years of plan contributions makes you eligible for 50% of the maximum benefit level, 11 years 55%, 12 years 60%, to 100% at 20 years. The fund will start making benefit payments to group B participants after 09/2014.

Please also note attached documents which will be mailed to all plan participants.

Please feel free to contact myself or any of the RMT trustees if you have any questions.
Please See attached documents... our fund is now up over 2.2 million.

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