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The William C. Earhart Co. Inc is the current company managing our Redwood Empire Medical Trust (RMT).  Below is the most current contact info our RMT eligible members should be using to contact them:

The William C. Earhart Co. Inc
P.O. Box 4148
Portland, OR. 92708
(877) 396-5868 (Main Number)

Current Rep Contact as of 3/19/18:
Representative: Jodi Klink
(503) 535-1435 - Direct
(503) 460-5268 - Members Contact Number
(503) 284-9386 - Fax Number

I'll do my best to keep this information up to date if it changes.

Mike Vail
This is from the RMT Attorney Linda Stuessi,

Any member who terminates within 18 months of attaining 10 years of Active Service (i.e., 10 years of contributions to the Plan) can use COBRA payments to earn the 10 years of Active Service.  So, since the first 10-year point is September 1, 2019, anyone who terminates after the February 2018 monthly payments are completed by the County, would be able to attain eligibility through self-payments.  Those who may be thinking of retiring this month through February may want to consider staying on for a few months.
Each employee who terminates employment with the County for any reason, including retirement, should receive a COBRA notice informing them of this right and in March 2018 those notices will start to have the monthly payment information.  The notice has blanks for Earhart to fill in that tell the amount of the monthly payment and how many months of self-payments are required for eligibility. Even if they are not retiring from the County, they should consider getting the 10 years of Active Service because they would get the monthly lifetime benefit starting at age 57.   If they opt not to do the self-payment, then they will get the individual account benefit.
Self-payment requires that the former employee self-pay the total monthly contribution equal to the employer plus employee contribution.  They have to make these payments monthly without reminders from the Trust.  If they miss a payment, then their COBRA rights are terminated and they won’t be able to earn any additional active service through COBRA.  The notice explains all of these requirements.  In addition, the notice tells them that they have a 30 day grace period for each COBRA self-payment.
We cannot require them to make the COBRA payments more quickly than monthly; we have to offer them a monthly payment schedule.  However, if they want to pre-pay in one lump sum or pay more quickly the total contribution payments, then they can get eligibility before 9/1/19.  The Plan allows payment of Covered Expenses any time after 9/1/14, as long as they meet all of the eligibility requirements.  There is no prohibition of payment monthly benefits prior to 9/1/19; that is just the date that the first members will have 10 years of contributions via the regular contributions.
Keep in mind that they have to meet all of the eligibility requirements in order to become eligible, not just 10 years of Active Service.  The eligibility requirements are:
10 years of Active Service

Age 50 if the employee retires from the County and receives retirement benefits from SCERA, or age 57 if not eligible for benefits from SCERA

Contributions for all periods of Active Service

Separated from County employment, except for service as a retiree as extra help.
The COBRA rights have been distributed to all members in the benefit booklet.  The COBRA notice is right behind the SPD in the booklet.
All RMT Eligible Members should have received a hard copy of the attached "Benefit Booklet" from the RMT's Management William C. Earhart Co. Inc. The documentation contains all the latest info on how the RMT operates. This post will be kept current as the Plan Summary is updated or modified.

Eddie  - DSA RMT Trustee
Attached is the RMT presentation and discussion from the 7/19/17 DSA Meeting.

Eddie Engram - RMT Trustee

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